Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 1 year anniversary to me!

So 1 year ago today I decided that 2 blogs weren't enough and started this one. So I say Happy Anniversary to me. Guess what? I am doing the exact same thing on New Year's Eve that I was doing last year- blogging, editing pictures and trying to catch my breath. I don't particularly care for New Year's Eve. People feel forced to have fun and stay up late. The service is usually slow and sub-par. It is generally icy or snowy out in these parts. It just feels fake to me. Maybe it is because I have never really had an awesome New Year's, maybe it is in my genes as my mom doesn't like it either, I don't know. It is a day of reflection more than anything for me. I'd much rather stay home and spend a normal night with my family and be hangover free tomorrow.

Anyway, I did have a list of goals for 2009- some of which were achieved and some that weren't... Here was my list for 2009:

  1. 15 new card designs for My Pepita's Magic *
  2. Read 15 novels *
  3. Try a new recipe once a week *
  4. Go to church at least two Sundays per month
  5. Make at least one silver piece
  6. Clean out the storage room *
  7. Throw an awesome fairy party *
  8. Build a fairy house in the woods behind our house
  9. Paint the new office, basement, downstairs bathroom and AJ's room *
  10. Hang our artwork *
  11. Try one felted project
  12. Keep up with 3 blogs *
  13. Do one scrapbook
  14. Do something a little rock star

Well, the asterisks indicate which ones I did... But number 9 gets a half of an asterisk- I didn't paint the downstairs bathroom because I actually decided to keep it the color it is for awhile anyway and I have yet to paint AJ's room. I did try a new recipe once a week for the most part- sometimes it was 2 in one week if I didn't get to it the previous week. I even made a new delish casserole tonight! I cleaned out the storage room BUT it is a great big mess once again! This summer was crazy busy so I didn't get a chance to build the fairy house. And the rock star thing that I want to do I may still do... just in 2010. I need my girl, Kendra's help with it and I think she might do this with me too. My husband will probably kill me but- oh well! :)

My 2010 list is not ready yet but I will probably have some of the goals from 2009 that I didn't get a chance to do on it. Look for my list in January!

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