Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How I know I live with a toddler (Part 7)...

* Everyday is like Dance Party USA in our house. The music is cranked, the living room lights are on and he boogies down. He'd dance to static if that's all he could find on the radio.
* He knows he can get the lids off of everything. One day during naptime (but obviously not napping), right after he went into a toddler bed, I found him rubbing Vapo Rub all over his cheeks. He came downstairs with goop all over his hands and cheeks and I took one whiff and just shook my head.
* We have a song that we sing about poopy diapers: 'Poop goes in the potty, poop goes in the potty, poop goes in the potty and we flush it down!' When else do you make up songs about poop?
* Speaking of that rhyme... Last week I caught him in the bathroom pulling tissues out of the box (brand new, of course) and the toilet paper roll missing (oinly about 1/4 of it gone before)- the cardboard tube was empty in the trash can (at least he put it in the trash when it was out). As I am walking down the hall, I hear and 'We flush it down!' and it was a slow motion 'NO!!!!' to the bathroom as he was trying to flush it down. There was so much tissue paper in there that the top was dry and there wasn't much water left...
* Tonight he sucked all the dressing off my salad greens and threw the lettuce back in the bowl for me to eat. Gee, thanks.
* I left my makeup bag on our bathroom counter (I usually put it in the linen closet on a higher shelf) before I went out last week to a girls night out party and my husband came in to the bathroom looking for him and he was putting my lipstick on... all over his face.
* He is always stealing and wearing our shoes around the house.
* I was on the phone one day on a particularly naughty day and you know they are always even more naughty while you are distracted on the phone right? Well I walked into his room and he had the wipes down off the dresser and his floppy dog, Pound Cake, was laying on the changing mat spread eagle and he was wiping off his nether region with the wipe! It was so darn cute!
* He's ALWAYS jumping on something. The trampoline at gymnastics class is his absolute favorite. He also likes to jump into the pool and on the bed and on the couch and on the floor and anywhere else he can find to jump.
* Everytime I put lipstick on he wants some too. So I use chapstick for him!

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Mel said...

The salad dressing made me laugh!What is it with kids and dressings, dips and sauces? ;)