Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vegas Baby!

Can't believe I haven't posted about Vegas yet! Actually I can believe it since I haven't had any real time to do it. My 'TO-DO' list has been drastically shortened now. Aaaaaahhhh! I love it! Everything is done for the most part! Now onto Vegas!

On Thursday night we ate at Diablo's which was good but WAY too loud! Maybe I am getting old... Oh wait I am old enough that I don't like too much noise- it makes my ears hurt. Anyway, I ordered the Frida Kahlo Margarita and although it is a featured cocktail and said to be sweet & fruity all I could taste was tequila. It had fresh raspberries and blackberries and lime and ginger ale, sounds good right? Blech! I should have had a blended strawberry marg instead.

On Friday I headed over to the spa at Bellagio. The spa was great but I liked the spa at American Club in Kohler better (the next one for me to try is Sundara in WI Dells). It was just more cozy and relaxing at AC. It was definitely more business-like at Bellagio. I had a massage, Vichy rain treatment and a hydrotherapy treatment. I met back up with my hubby at Paris' Mon Ami Gabi which was delish (2nd fave meal)! I had chicken and Gruyere crepes. The french bread was (of course) fantastic! Could have eaten that all day... Dinner was at Noodles in the Bellagio. Casual (overpriced) Chinese food. It was really good but I liked Steve's dish better than mine. He had a spicy noodle dish that was fantastic. I can't remember what I had. Maybe it was Hor Fun... We both got a chuckle out of that! :) After dinner we went back to Paris to The Eiffel Tower Restaurant for dessert and wine. I had a chocolate souffle that I thought would be better. I don't think I have ever had souffle before and I have always wanted to make one. I'm not sure what is stopping me (besides the fact that it is really hard for me to finish many desserts)... Anyhoo, I thought it was going to taste better then it did.

On Saturday we ate in a little bakery in the Paris for breakfast and the raspberry filled pastry that I had was SO good!! I wanted to stop there on Sat nite after dinner to pick up something for breakfast before we flew out (early flight) but by the time we got back it was just closing! :( I was bummed to say the least. For lunch we headed over to Mandalay Bay to eat at Border Grill. It was very good (3rd fave meal) and I had the Chicken Chipolte Enchiladas and Suprema Sangria and Steve had the Poblano Quesadilla. The chips and salsas were fab here as was the service. Saturday night we went to Canaletto in the Venetian and all I can say is YUM! It was fantastic. Another great waiter and service. We started with Formaggi dal Veneto (cheese plate) and had house salads (which were plenty big- we would have been fine to stop after that but that's no fun at all!). Steve had the Margherita Pizza and I had a Chicken Asparagus Risotto. Both were super yummy!! We sat out in 'Piazza San Marco' and there was a gelato/sorbet stand just outside the restaurant that we hit up for dessert. Coconut sorbet and cinnamon gelato for me and raspberry sorbet for Steve.

This is not our first time to Vegas so we have already done a bunch of what it has to offer. We sat by the pool both Friday and Saturday afternoon and since it was cloudy and we found a spot in the shade we didn't bake to death in the 107 degree heat. Our feet were tired from walking the Strip. We both won but we didn't risk or gamble much. We came away with an extra $100. We both won at blackjack and baseball. Lost money in the slots, but who doesn't? We went to Coney Island in NY,NY and played against each other in the basketball shooting game- the first time Steve won, the second time we tied. Hehe! We went on the roller coaster (at $14 each- what a freakin' rip off!!) and had bruises on our shoulders and shins from the harnesses. We saw a hooker on the Strip at 6 am... You know the usual when you go to Vegas!

I think it'll be a few years before we go back. The restaurants can't be beat there so if you are a lover of food (which we are- every trip is planned around food) it is the place to be but we like to explore places and we have much more exploring to do elsewhere!

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