Friday, August 7, 2009

SYTYCD is over now... for a month

So I don't have to wait too long to watch one of my favorite shows! Only a month! I will do a quick recap of my fave moments during Week 8 & 9.

Week 8:
I loved the routine with the 3 boys. It showed their strength and athleticism. I loved Jeanine's dress for the samba she did with Ade but I didn't like the dance. Melissa & Evan's Broadway piece was cute. I loved both of Kayla & Brandon's routines especially the contemporary dance (the other was disco). Brandon had a one armed pull that was amazing where he pulled Kayla onto him- I'm not sure how he does that... He is also always so in sync with his partner. And then he did his tryout solo- AWESOME! It is just phenomenal! Melissa & Ade ended up leaving...

Week 9: The Season Finale!
The football skit by Wade with the 4 of them was totally cute. I liked Evan & Jeanine's routine to Heartbreaker by Sonja. Evan jumped on Jeanine's back and that was very interesting touch. Brandon & Kayla's Bye Bye Love Broadway number from Tyce was AWESOME! I really liked the circle turn thing- so cool! Jeanine's solo was fantabulous!!! When she did the pirouette that stopped it was so good. I knew she was going to win at that moment. Brandon & Jeanine's Paso Doble was super intense- they were made to dance that dance. This style suits them well. I liked both Nasty with the 2 boys and the skirt routine with the girls. Thursday night's result show was packed with previous routines from the whole season. Always fun! I wanted Brandon to win but knew Jeanine was going to. Brandon was GREAT in every one of his routines throughout the season and Jeanine is much more SYTYCD. Nigel is a pervert.

I have to say though that I was disappointed that Brandon didn't get anything. Katee did last year because she was the #1 girl even though she came in 3rd place. Twitch should have gotten that money because he came in 2nd. So what's up? Why didn't Brandon get a well deserved prize? That show is making enough dinero to ante up!

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