Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How I know I live with a preschooler Tuesday...

I have been really absent for a couple of months. I turned my computer on maybe 3 days last week. It has been off for 4 days in a row which means I have catch up to do... I am going to do more blogging now hopefully. It's hard with a nugget of energy that wants to play outside all the time- rain or shine. That's my guy at the Wisconsin Spring Game over Easter weekend, 'Jumping Around'! I love this photo because it really captures pure joy on his face. Anyway, onto our post...

Before Mother's Day AJ was interviewed by his teachers with questions that revolved around me. He gave it to me for Mother's Day as well as a bracelet that says I <3 MOM. I couldn't stop cracking up as I read it!

What is your mom's name?
Mommy Lipowski

Where does she work?
Her preschool in Madison
(I have NO clue where this came from...)

What color hair does she have?
(I am NOT a blue hair! ;))

How old is she?
(Lately he has been obsessed with the #5...)

What is her favorite color?
(Correct!! But how funny would it have been if he would of answered indigo?)

What does she like to do for fun?
Play tennis
(The day before I bought him a tennis racket set...)

What is her favorite food?
(And after buying the tennis racket set we went to Wendy's...)

Where does she take you for fun?
The park

When she goes shopping, what does she like to buy?
Cookies for me!
(Apparently said with some enthusiasm since there is an exclamation point after it!)

What message do you want to send her for Mother's Day?
Thank you!
(How sweet! :) He is always so polite!)

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