Thursday, August 26, 2010


Oh bananas, I just ordered P90X... It is gonna kick my (getting bigger) butt and I need this desperately since I am at the heaviest I have ever been. Apparently, I must wear flattering clothes because people keep saying I'm 'in shape'. Um... yeah. Except for that spare tire around my gut (it may be a mountain bike tire but it is still a tire!) and my expanding thighs and butt. This past weekend even the flabby arm thing came up as 2 friends and I were waving to our hubbies and kids on a boat 500 yards away. You know, 'Man, I hate waving because my fat is waving as well.' All 3 of us agreed. I wish I could blame this on birthing a kid but I don't even have that as an excuse since we adopted ours! So I am making the commitment to change this and am going to P90X it in shape with the exercise and food. Ouch. I can hear my butt already screaming for an Almond Joy instead of another leg raise...

And, no, I am not posting 'before' photos!!

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Mel said...

Let me know how that thing is. I've heard good things. I need to do something as well.