Monday, May 10, 2010

Crafty Swap!

So I am particaipating in another swap and I am sorry that I didn't get to blog about it before the deadline but I pretty much found out about it a day before it and I was on vacation all last week. Like vacation where you don't check your email. Yeah, a little fun in the sun with my family at the beach. It is from Andrea's Originals and it basically involves a small, flat rate box and any extra crafty supplies that I have stashed around the studio. Which are A LOT. I have extra stuff up the ying-yang! So this one was up my alley. I am excited to see what I get from Cathy (who coincidentally has the first name of one of my SIL's and the last name (well, her maiden name) of my other SIL. Weird.) from Psychic Mama * Indigo Child and Ladyhightower's Meme Castle. I will post pictures of sent and received soon!

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